Sunday, June 8, 2014

Almost Caught Up

It seems like it takes forever to get caught up with things after you've been on a trip.  My body was home, but my mind was still in Utah enjoying the sights.  I'm finally caught up on the laundry, stocked up on veggies and sat outside yesterday for our community yard sale---a not so kindly shout out to the little old lady who pulled up on our lawn, next to the driveway and parked.  At least she bought something.
I don't like yard sales, never go to them myself, I have enough junk without buying from my neighbors, but my junk runneth over and it was time to part with some of it.  Plus the darn thing started at 7 am, we managed to make it out there by 8 something.  But some folks are really serious about this stuff and the cars were steaming in here before 7.
It must have rained a bit while we were gone and the garden really looked good.  Loads of Gladiola blooming and the lettuce was ready for picking, so it was serious salad time.
Today, in addition to sweltering in the humidity I'm trying to get caught up on some of the household chores.  I cleaned 4 toilets and 5 sinks, thank God Mac does the showers and the tubs.  Today it's carpets and floors, with a serious dip in the pool thrown in.  Have a good week.

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