Saturday, June 14, 2014


We're not big tv watchers,  other than sports, but we do watch a fair number of movies.  In the summer we watch tv downstairs (even with air conditioning it's too hot up there)  and the tv is further away than the one upstairs.  All this week I have grumbled that  I can't see, what did he say, did you see it?  So yesterday Mac took me out and bought me a tv that is almost as tall as I am.
Amazingly enough it fit is the car, when we got it home we loaded it on a dolly, drug it up the stairs, put it on a towel and pulled it into the family room, looked up instructions for the stand on the internet, slid the tv out of the box and I about had a fit.  Told Mac I couldn't help li
ft it, I was too little, too old, too anything but lift that puppy.  But lift it we did and attached it to the stand.
This is a Smart Tv, you know, like a Smart Phone, which means it knows more than we do.
Mac  hooked up the DirectTv , but it was in the video slot, so last night when we watched a movie we had to detach the satellite and attach the DVD player.
This morning he dug out a coaxial cable and attached the DirectTv that way, then attached the DVD in the video slot.
Next up was connecting it to our airport router so it could go online, well that was a problem.  Neither of us could remember the password for the router, so I had to Google how to recover the password.  Thank goodness for the internet, not matter what your problem is I guarantee someone had already listed a solution on the net.  So we followed the directions, recovered our password, WROTE IT DOWN, finished setting up the network connection and voila, we have an internet tv.
Note to self, next time you decide to buy a tv as tall as you are, hire someone else to carry it in and set it up, I'm too old for this pooh.


  1. How exciting, I get a bit scared of new technology, I'd much prefer someone else do the setting up. I've no idea if our TV is smart or otherwise!!

  2. I just bought a 38" TV; I thought that was BIG.

  3. Wow, that's big. People must look life sized on it. I leave all the setting up to Mick, I'm rubbish when it comes to technology.

  4. I have no TV by choice, never the less I hope you get great pleasure from yours!


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