Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello Summer

Oval Lifesaver
Well it got here this morning, knew it was coming, thought it might take its time, but no---the forecast is for 96ª today, so it's definitely here.  Hope it doesn't linger too long, I only have so many 90ª days in me.
This is a lifesaver.  I know it's not round and doesn't have a hole in it, but without it I don't think I could survive the summer.
My Confederate Rose is in full bloom and looking lovely.  Mac was going to move its pot, but discovered that its roots have gone on down into the ground from its pot.  So he cut some tree branches so it could get more light.


  1. A dear friend wants to retire to an island off the coast of Georgia. I think her husband is balking, a little. Beautiful to visit, too hot to live there.

  2. Gosh am so envious of your pool! And the lovely colour of your deck. We still don't have the weather for poolside here everyday but am dreaming of it!

  3. I'd love to look out of my house to a very sunny yard and pool, not enough sunshine in the uk for me!

  4. The pool and deck looks most inviting.
    The Confederate rose is a new plant to me so interesting to see the flower.


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