Thursday, June 19, 2014

Old Lady Rant

A friend of mine posted this picture to Facebook
and I commented that I find the word "gringo" offensive, that it was originally intended that way and I take it that way ( she agreed with me).  I also dislike being called an "Anglo", others don't know my ethnic origin and I don't like being genericly  lumped into a group because I happen to be blonde and blue eyed.  On my Mother's side I'm Irish/American Indian and on my Father's I'm primarily German, so don't call me Anglo.
Why is it ok to call me these names and verbotten to use deragatory terms for other groups?


  1. This post reminded me of my sister in Australia, she is blonde and has blue eyes, When she said "Hey" to someone there, they started speaking Swedish to her!
    Apparently, that is how they say hello in Sweden and she is blonde enough to pass as a Swede!
    Me? I don't look like I am from anywhere, or else no country wants to claim me! :-)

  2. Before gray, I was a redhead, brown eyes, English, Irish and Cherokee Indian. Call me anything you like if you end it with..."bless your little heart" HaHa.

  3. As an aside to Kay's comment: Yes "hej" is the Swedish equivalent to "hi" or "hello".

    I agree it's silly to try and put labels on people according to the colour of our skin or eyes or hair, and yet I wonder if it's not somewhere imbedded in our nature to try and categorize people by first impressions - including trying to figure out their "origin". That's no excuse for calling people names and jumping to conclusions though.

  4. Oh, I loved your Egypt and Mexico stories. Thanks for sharing them over at my place.

  5. Hello, and thanks for stopping by.
    Personally, I think the whole tee shirt/personal statement thing is absurd. I told my grand daughters years ago they were not permitted to wear advertising of any kind as they were not being paid to do so. As for CUTE on their backsides....don't even get me started.

  6. I hadn't thought before about the way that some terms like that are OK and some aren't. Interesting point.

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  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't remember if I've been to visit you before, (par for the course!)but I'll certainly be back. Down here in southern California we get MUCH worse than that on tee shirts. If they have the right to express themselves, I wonder about my right of having to read such stuff! I don't really care what people call me as long as it's polite.
    Love all the comments you have - especially the one about CUTE. Not appropriate!


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