Friday, July 18, 2014

Cow and Calf

Cow On Left, Calf On Right
For months I've been carrying around the purse on the left, I thought I needed something that big to carry all my junk er,  valuables.  Every time we went somewhere Mac said it looked like I was hauling a cow around and would make mooing sounds.
Finally yesterday I found a smaller bag that  I thought would hold everything and it has been dubbed the calf.
Today I transferred everything and it all fit, except when I put my Kindle in the compartment won't snap closed.  But I don't carry the Kindle in my bag except when we travel and then I carry my backpack purse so I should be ok.
If the cow says MOO, I guess the calf says MOO.


  1. Every woman's dream: A bag that is small on the outside but BIG inside :)

  2. I am lugging a big bag right now, but it doesn't have too much in it! xx

  3. The bigger the purse the more stuff people hand you to put in it.

  4. Just tried to join you, but Blogger won't let me. I'll try later - how could I resist with a title like that?


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