Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Evening Roundup

I've been laying low, bit of a rummy tummy, not unlike the Empress of Blandings  (consult your Wodehouse),  but mine wasn't caused by a blanc mange.  Don't you just love to wake up in the middle of the night and decide that the cool stone floor in the bathroom is exactly where you want to be?  The cat found me laying there and tickled me with her whiskers, thought it was bugs crawling on me, the perfect way to spend the middle of the night.
Feeling quite a bit better today.  Yesterday I didn't even exercise, first time I've missed in forever, skipped coffee for breakfast too.  Today I managed to  get outside and mow the lawn, and did it ever need it.  We've had so much rain the grass was getting completely out of hand, not only did it look unmown (I'm not sure there's such a word, spell check is questioning it), but small trees were starting to get lost in it. While mowing the backyard I accidentally and I do mean accidentally,  ran over a small snake hidden in the long grass.  I'm no snake lover, but I wouldn't intentionally hurt one, particularly a small one like it was.  Another reason though to keep the grass shorter, so unwelcome critters won't take up residence.
I've been working on a watercolor painting, first one I've done in ages.  When I first started the painting  it'd been so long since  I'd done one that the paint brush felt funny in my hand, I kept trying to hold it like a pencil, but today it started coming together.  Will take a picture when I'm done.
Over the weekend a large blue heron went walking through our backyard looking for something.  Mac was worried that it might be after his frogs.  His frogs in the sense that everything that lives in our backyard is his.  But the bird soon left with nothing in his long bill so he was pleased, Mac, not the bird.
I hear a bowl of Jello calling me, Mac made me some yesterday and right now it sounds really good, it's  orange flavored
, so I'm off to have a bowl.


  1. So sorry you've been under the weather. Our little dog loves to lay in the bathroom when it's warm.

    Looking forward to seeing your watercolor.

  2. Oh dear I hope you're feeling a little better today, no more nights on the bathroom floor!
    We see lots of herons here, after the fish in the river, I didn't realise they'd eat the frogs too!
    Looking forward to seeing the painting.

  3. I hope that you are feeling better soon! xx


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