Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon/Thursday 2 AM

Still getting use to the 13 hour time difference between the east coast of the USA and Fukuoka, Japan where our daughter lives.  It's been hard to get updates on Typhoon Neoguri, but it looks like it's (hopefully) going to be downgraded to a Tropical Storm as it comes ashore on Kyushu Island where she lives.  Before she went to bed she said that there were scattered showers and that was all, no wind thankfully.
I've been out in the pool twice, it's hot here!!! Took a picture of one of my favorite spots in the backyard.  The statue is called Rebecca (we didn't name her, she came that way) and we brought her from California.  Our John boat is laying on one side of her, worry about what might be living under there and our small dock is on the other side.
While I was taking pictures 2 of Mac's turtles came chasing me across the yard.  They're so use to him coming out to feed them, and the hordes of other turtles that live in the lagoon, that they assume that anyone out there must have food for them.
Yesterday Mac said the local alligator was so close to shore he had his head laying on the grass.  Mac brought Miss Kitty back inside.
We're Hungry!!!


  1. I just did some ooh's and aaah's reading this post; aaah at the turtles but oooh at the alligator! My boys would love a few hours in your yard, I remember the eldest trying to see inside a crocodiles mouth in The Gambia when he was a very curious 2 1/2 year old - we had to grab him very quickly!
    I've been thinking of your daughter and hoping all is well.

  2. My last word, too, was a downgraded storm. Not the favorite thing, but better than the original.
    The turtle love is charming.

  3. I am not sure that I would want alligators so close to my home as they seem to be to yours.

  4. Oh heck! an alligator? That's incredible. You do have an amazing backyard.

    I know critters have a go at people's dogs and cats here in Ca (possums, coyotes etc.) but alligators are another ballgame

  5. You are brave to live there! Just don't turn over the boat....

    Hope all is well for your daughter in Japan.

  6. I didn't know your daughter lived in Japan! I have friends that live there too... I hope that your daughter remains safe!
    I also hope that the rest of your week is great!
    Much love to you,


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