Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Time

When you wake up in the morning and the cicadas are already singing you know you're in trouble.  Because cicadas start singing at 82.4ª (28ª C)  so you know it's only going to get hotter, and it has.
Been in the pool twice this morning and as I was using the net to pick up leaves I was thinking about a scary experience I had in the pool one summer.
Cardinals are very territorial and when they're building nests they'll often have small tussles with other cardinals.  So one day I was in the pool and I heard some birds "arguing" in the plants that surround our  pool, so I shook the vines a little bit and told them to be quiet.  Well instead of a bird chirping at me a snake stuck its head out of the vines and hissed at me.
Talk about walking on water, my toes weren't even wet.  Mac had to get rid of the snake(s), turned out there were more than one around the pool.
I know we live in a swamp and I try to have a pretty much live and let attitude towards the critters that live here, but they're not allowed by the pool, on my porch (found one on the welcome mat one time) or in my garden (there was one that liked to sun bathe on the fence), and if Mac throwing them into the empty field next door doesn't work more extreme measures are taken---no more Mr. Nice Guy.
That's summer in the south.


  1. That would work for me. Pool rights are pool rights!

  2. Oh no!!! I would not be happy about that at all! We were just talking about bugs and critters at work today and how we hate them getting into our personal spaces. Hope that it didn't get too too hot! xx


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