Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grumble, Grumble

I seem to do more than a bit of that in the summer time, oh autumn where are you?  We've been having trouble with our internet for awhile and called them on Friday, the lovely recorded message said they were aware of the problem, it was something to do with switching and they were working on it.  By yesterday we'd had enough, I couldn't get through to Amazon and if I can't shop at Amazon the whole American economy may crumble, so we called the local branch of Century Link and they said it sounded like our router was bad and to bring it in.
When we got there the lady at the front desk took one look at our router and said it was so old they weren't giving them out like that any more, she'd give us a new wireless airport/router  Mac wasn't too sure about this, but I said it's time.  At first she told us there were no problems with the local service, but under questioning she admitted that tech support was working on it.  We took the new airport/router and headed home.  Down the street from where we live is a small building that is some sort of routing doohicky (love my technical terms) building for Century Link and there just happened to be a man there working so Mac pulled in to talk to him.  The service man told Mac that there definitely was a problem with download speeds and in his opinion it was overcapacity and that Century Link needed to upgrade their servers--fat chance-- all we can hope for is that the kids will all go back to school soon and that will open up more bandwidth for everyone.
Anyway, Mac played with the new router and got us online, then decided to do something about the "dirty" (snap,crackle, pop) phone line that we've been dealing with since the storms we had last week.  He got it cleaned up and then the internet went down.  He called the local office and of course the line was busy, and stayed busy, I guess more than a few of us were having problems.  Finally he got through and they told him to call tech support, but before he could do that the net came back.  Still too slow, still have trouble with Amazon (UPS may go broke too if I don't get access), but it's better.
A very frustrating day.  We need to get out of the house and do something interesting, maybe tomorrow when the humidity is supposed to be less than 100%.


  1. I go to pieces if my internet is down! For the past three days I can't access email through Live Mail 2012--none of the suggested 'fixes' work. I can use and grumble about the different format. Arrgh!

  2. By accident I got the cell phone number of a local tech who has worked on the township line. He just schedules us in and shows up. Probably easier than explaining why he needs a new phone and number.

  3. So frustrating. We live in a small village that is right at the end of the line when it comes to broadband; it feels like we have to take turns with our neighbours to use the internet!

  4. It is so annoying when this sort of thing happens isn't it! I hope that you can get it sorted out soon. xx

  5. Thanks for all the comments, but things are still not much better, we'll soon become the customers from hell if they don't get this sorted soon.

  6. Your Amazon addiction is making me laugh. Here's hoping you get better wifi access soon.


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