Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Header

It was time for a new header on my Blog, so I chose the one you see above, this is one of Mac's paintings and one of my favorites.  It hangs on the wall in our bedroom above a small fireplace.  It's part of what I call my garden wall, 3 paintings that always bring a cool touch to the room.  Mac was looking at them this morning and said it was time was a change, but I assured him it was not.  He can change the painting that sits on the easel, but not those 3.


  1. I think it's absolutely beautiful, and since our blogs are an extension of ourselves, it's only right that you hang your favorite photo!
    I hope you have been keeping well, I'm sorry I don't visit more often, I have been trying to finish my Bachelors degree for about the last Million years! I will prevail!!!
    Much love,

  2. Paths and open gates figure in my favorite paintings.

  3. That wheel barrow in the picture makes a difference to it.

  4. How beautiful, Mac is very talented. I wonder what's inside those gates?

  5. It's just charming. I love the header, and also the three pictures hanging.

    That has been one of my challenges to decide which of my paintings I will hang in the new home. I decided on the Apple Blossoms in the dining area, my Love Comes Softly and the Girl in White in our bedroom.
    Think I'll put the Old Truck in the media room. Fun hanging your own art, isn't it.


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