Friday, October 31, 2014

Boris and Bobby do the Monster Mash

Happy Halloween to one and all.  Hoping for lots of trick or treaters so I don't have to eat all the candy bars to keep them from going bad--you know, waste not want not.


  1. Do you mean waste, want not and never mind the waist ! hehehe

  2. Happy Halloween! Same here - there's a lot of chocolate to be eaten if no-one turns up. Varies from year to year here but it's warm and dry so should bring a few punters.

  3. I finished off the chocolate and Haribo Horror Mix. Glad to know I'm not the only one...!

  4. Thanks for your birthday wishes.
    A little Hallowe'en story to make you smile. Trick or treaters came to my friends and knocked on the door. 'Trick or treat', they asked
    She said, 'I think I'll have a treat please and held out her hand.' One of them put a sweet in her hand and away they trooped down the drive!


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