Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday

It's a hot, hot, hot Friday--think 90º--and I'm afraid summer may be here for awhile.  Time to join in with the lovely Amy at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.  Quiet week for us, too hot to do much but muck about the place a bit.  I did get some flowers planted, though Mac had to finish it up, I just got too hot.
Anyway it was a nice week and I'm sharing a few things that made me smile.

First on my list are the veggies from our garden that we've been eating this week.  Things you've grown yourself are always tastier and Lord knows they're fresher, talk about farm to table freshness.  So this week we ate our own lettuce, broad beans, sugar snap peas, strawberries and red potatoes.  . The potatoes went into potato salad and the peas were blanched and put in my salad along with the lettuce.  Plus I froze green peppers. The tomato plants are finally forming tomatoes so I'm thrilled.  We don't have a lot of luck with tomatoes so fingers crossed.

No more lettuce for a couple of days and the beans are finished,
but still lots of potatoes, peas and strawberries.  We have to pick
the strawberries early to keep the critters away from them.

Second is seeing the local pond turtles coming out to lay eggs.  Mac always worries when he sees them crossing the road and helps them across.  He's raising a couple of box turtles that he found last year, one is about a year old and the other 2.  He'll keep them till there bigger then let them go in  the backyard.  We already have 3 that live near the pool.

The one-year old

The two-year old, aren't they cute.

Third is my, or is that Miss Kittie's, new bathroom sink.  It's finally done and all we have to do now is paint the bathroom.  It's not a huge room, so if the weather cools a bit we'll get it done.  Right now it's a rather light sand color and we're going to go a bit darker with a brown that has pink undertones.

The before

And the after!

Fourth is not something that made me smile, but was an interesting fact I learned.  While reading the novel North and South I learned that in the mid-1800's women were not allowed to attend funerals.  They were considered too emotional.  So the main character in the book was not supposed to attend her Mother's funeral.  How strange is that.

And Fifth  is the book Notes From a Small Island by Bill Bryson.  But then Bill Bryson always makes me smile.  This is book he wrote in the early 1990's before he moved his family to the States.  He wanted to revisit the places he'd first seen when he arrived in England in the early '70s.  He was a little cruel, but most of it was written with love for he does love England.  And after a few years in the States he moved his family back to England.

That's  my Five, hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Good Morning....I enjoyed your FIVE. Also the lovely new painting in your header. When our children were little they had tiny turtles. Very cute.

  2. Bill Bryson is rather tongue in cheek in all of his writings but highly amusing. Did you read his Appalachian Trail? He is now President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

  3. I am constantly rescuing big turtles crossing the road. They like to move from one pond on the golf course near where I live to another. People drive so fast they don't see them. Your turtles are so cute. Hugs,

  4. Ha, the weather here today has been more like winter, bitterly cold and great big hail storms and rain!! The weather is very odd all round isn't it. Hope that things don't get too too hot for you too soon. I like Bill Brysons books too, they are funny aren't they! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  5. Your five were interesting this week. I have North and South, but have never read it. It's in my "someday" pile and I think I will get it out and give it a go.

  6. Fresh veggies from the garden! I can't wait. It will be later in the summer before that happens here in Michigan. However the Farmer's Market will be up and running soon and that will be fun to visit.

    Love the turtles - such wonderful creatures. Hope you enjoy the warm weather and send a little of it up this way

  7. You already have all that wonderful produce from your garden! We don't plant even our earliest things until the second week of May. I can't wait to be picking peas from the garden. Always a delight, and the grandkids love that too. I have the book North and South but haven't yet read it. I did love the movie with Richard Armitage. I love the way both management and labor seemed to be treated fairly in the story, showing both sides. I've read Notes From a Small Island. Bill Bryson is so much fun to read! Thanks for stopping in today from Five on Friday. :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing with us. I particularly think you have a sweet family taking in turtles and caring for them. You also had my taste buds tantalising over the green produce.

  9. Those turtles are so cute, I'm glad you put the coin in the photo for scale, I wouldn't have known how small they were otherwise. I agree with you about fresh homegrown veg, there's no nicer taste.

  10. All that fresh produce from your garden is tantalising me, we have only just started to plant things out, so a slow start this year. The weather here is so strange at the moment with sun, rain, sleet, hail and snow all in one day.

  11. Really cute turtles and the bathroom looks very elegant.
    We read Notes at school. Such an interesting and entertaining reading!

  12. We haven't reached 90 yet but got around 80 some days. Now it's just cooler and rainier. Will make for some good growing weather, I am thinking.

  13. We haven't reached 90 yet but got around 80 some days. Now it's just cooler and rainier. Will make for some good growing weather, I am thinking.

  14. I love Bill Bryson's books.
    The bathroom sink is wonderful, does Miss Kitty like it ?

    cheers, parsnip

  15. We haven't got much above 5C (40F) yet! Your new bathroom sink looks very chic. I don't blame you for waiting for the weather to cool before breaking out the paint brushes. Mac is a kind soul to help out the little turtles. I've seen a frog in our garden pond one year, but never turtles. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Janet :)

  16. Always good to eat your own produce fresh from the garden. Love North and South and Bill Bryson's books too:)

  17. Ohh....turtles! I am almost speechless!

  18. Always love seeing your 5. Your veggies look delish!! Love the turtles and so interesting about the funeral history. Hope it cools down for you!! Blessings. xoxo


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