Saturday, April 2, 2016


The rains ended early this morning, we got more than 11/2 inches through last night.  Today was supposed to clear up, well if you call cloudy and gloomy cleared up, then we did.
Read that American military families are being moved from Turkey, things have gotten bad there.  We lived in Izmir, Turkey when Mac had a NATO assignment  and there were problems when we were there, they had armed guards on the school buses and soldiers were advised to wear civilian clothes to work.  But we weren't advised to leave.  Scary times.
On a happier note the garden is loving this weather. Mac has started moving plants out of the greenhouse including some Coleus for my side garden.
I worked on my puzzle today and managed a bit on my spring afghan.  The original plan was to finish it in March, now I'm shooting for the end of April, shoulder permitting.
The picture is Miss Kitty laying in the sun yesterday, no sun today.  She's been busy getting rid of her winter coat which means there have been lovely hairballs to clean up.  I'll be glad when hair shedding season ends.

Here's a few pictures from the garden.

My Snowball Tree

Lemon Tree

Garden Fairy

Orange Tree


  1. lovely pictures from your garden.

  2. Wonderful garden photos.
    I saw some gloves that you wipe across your cat. does that help ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Your plants look great! Seeing everything bloom is one of my favorite parts of spring!


  4. I love snowballs. Can't wait to see yours in full bloom. I don't see many around much any more.

  5. You certainly have some beautiful plants in your Garden. My husband and I were both in the military many moons ago, we were based in Germany for our NATO assignment. Hope it dries up quickly that was a lot of rain.

  6. Miss Kitty looks very contented - no cares or worries for her.

  7. That garden fairy looks kind of 1930s. Is she?

  8. I love your garden fairy. In fact all your photographs are super - it does make me long for a climate that is a bit warmer.

  9. You have some nice things blooming in the garden! I have had the snowball tree and the purple shamrock in the past. The snowball tree was a gift from my best friend's dad, but it was left at my parents' home. They're lovely shrubs in springtime.
    My pets are both shedding ... rabbit & dog ... need to vacuum every day for the next little while. Ugh!

  10. It is that time of year for pets shedding fur isn't it? We were vacuuming fur up this morning and sticky rolling the cushions and etc. Miss Kitty looks as if she really enjoyed that sunshine:)

  11. Miss Kitty certainly knows the best places to go to sleep. Archie seems to moult the whole year round, it drives me mad having to sweep up his hair continually.

  12. Oh, boy, is it ever shedding season! It looks like Miss Kitty knows how to enjoy the sunshine. Your plants are doing well. We are working on another garden bed as we need room for tomatoes, peppers, and more beans. Meanwhile, the new occupants are growing on the deck.

  13. Your garden fairy is so cute! Beautiful blooms coming up as well. Thanks so much for visiting A Rural Journal. xo

  14. The garden is looking beautiful and I love your little fairy! Your kitty looks very happy! Yes, fur-balls everywhere this time of year. Praying for peace.....xx Karen


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