Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday in the Swamp

Knew it was going to be warm today, didn't know it was going to be HOT!  Worked in the garden trying to get more of the plants we bought Monday planted.  I think I fried my brains!  I was slathered in sunscreen which also is an insect repellant, so I'm not burned or bitten, but oh was I hot when I came in.  Not done yet, will try to get out a little earlier tomorrow and finish the job.
Miss Kitty was outside too and we thought we'd lost her, but she's gone under the back deck to cool off.  Obviously she has more brains than we do.
Mac is working assiduously on the pool, but I don't know when it will be ready and Friday the forecast is for 90º weather.  Hope you're enjoying good weather wherever you are.
The new Lily has been planted, there are Zinnias in the background.

The patio is covered in tomato plants, no tomatoes yet though.

My Easter Lilies are blooming.


  1. It was OK today despite a poor forecast, but very cold when the sun went in. And there was snow yesterday!

  2. We're having weird weather here, today we've had sun, rain, hail and snow, four seasons in one day.

  3. Like Jo we are having the weirdest weather sun, rain sleet, hail and snow in such a short time. At the moment we are sat in front of a roaring stove.

  4. Wow, you folks are having strange weather.

  5. the weather is great here in Tennessee. love all of your flowers

  6. I hope that it is cooler for you tomorrow! It looks as though things are going well for you in the garden right now. We have had snow here...

  7. Your new plants look lovely. Don't work too hard! Pat xx

  8. Your gardens are looking good. Are you having a bad tic year?

  9. What a great patio with all your tomatoes.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Your Easter Lilies look lovely and colourful ...

    All the best Jan


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