Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Evening

A pretty, but windy day here today.  Watched a lot of the Master's Golf Tournament from Augusta and it was really windy there.  So nice to watch a tournament where no one is yelling, "Get in the hole!".  They don't allow it and you will be thrown out of the tournament if they hear you.  Wish other tournaments would do the same.
The course is so pretty, love all the azaleas.
Each year we get in a lottery to win tickets to the Masters, but so far no luck.  We have gone to the Par 3 which is the mini-tournament held on Wednesday before the start of the real Tournament.  It was fun and when we get in the ticket lottery I always sign up for Par 3 tickets, I think I'd rather go to that, the golfers are so much more relaxed.
Hope it's a bit less windy tomorrow.


  1. I don't suppose wind is the best kind of weather for golf. Hope you win tickets one day:)

  2. Good luck with the ticket lottery next time, I think they do the same sort of thing with Wimbledon tickets here.

  3. The course looks indeed fabulous. I hope you will win the tickets next year! :)
    Your new header is lovely. Have a great week ahead!

  4. We stayed up late and watched it on our TV channel BBC2. I agree the course always looks wonderful.

    I loved seeing Tom Watson the other day, lovely man.

    Jordan Speith is doing well, and lovely to see Bernard Langer up there too. Wonder if Rory McIlroy may do anything special today? Although I do like Jordan Speith.

    One thing I whole heartily agree with is "So nice to watch a tournament where no one is yelling, "Get in the hole!"."

    Keep trying to get tickets for the main event but yes the Par 3 competition is so lovely and relaxed.

    Ryder Cup later this year ... more great golf to come.

    All the best Jan

  5. To sit in that beautiful setting on a warm evening and watch the golfers work their way through the course sounds like a very relaxing time. I've never been to a golf game before, although I worked for a few years at a small club up the road from my parents each summer.

  6. I'm glad you were able to enjoy watching the golf tournament. Hopefully next year will be the year you get to see it in person. I don't watch the game, so had no idea there was shouting for the ball to get in the hole. Is it the players or the bystanders shouting?

  7. It's a beautiful ourse and we are watching right now. Should be quite different today without the terrible wind. You could always come up for the Heritage next weekend. We will be there.

    1. I think the final round has put us off golf for a while.

  8. :) Golf is like watching paint dry to me...I have never understood why it is so popular! :)


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