Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh The Trials and Tribulations of New Technologies

I got a new iPhone 7 this week and opened it up yesterday to get it all set up.  We generally buy Apple products because they're so easy to set up.  Well not this time.  All I had was a plastic instruction page written in silver that was impossible to read without strong light and a magnifying glass.  Ok, found the on/off switch, turned it on, attempted to make a call.  Of course not.  So I then attempted to go online, it refused to recognize my password.
At this point I called Apple.  The 12 year old who answered attempted a few things to reboot it and then decided maybe, even though it was a brand new phone it need some updates so he had me go to iTunes on my computer, hook my phone to the computer  and look for updates.  There were some, but did the 12 year old tell me how long this would take?  Of course not.  So through the 40 minutes it was downloading he tried some other stuff and then suggested I call my carrier, ATT to make sure my SIM card was activated.  He set up a case for me, assured me that someone would call me back and I hung up.
I called my local ATT store, but they told me to call the main ATT, which I did.  The man there, the first adult I'd talked to at this point, wanted me to take the SIM card out----WHAT?  Checking with the internet and getting Mac, we got the little bugger out, but the man at ATT said the system didn't recognize the number on the card.  He said I'd have to take it into my local ATT store.  I thanked him and hung up.
Apple actually called me back and there was a slightly older than 12 young lady on the phone who tried to help me.  She showed me how to allow her to see my computer screen.  Even with her looking at it she couldn't help.  At this point I did some yelling and screaming for which, when I calmed down, I apologized for.
She set me up with an appointment for today at noon, a tech would call me, sort the problem or have me mail the phone back.  I agreed.
I fixed lunch, mumbling to Mac the whole time and then last night I fiddled with it some more and low and behold it agreed to make and receive calls.  But still no internet.
This morning I figured out the internet problem and was able to go online.  YEAH  for the old folks.
Still wouldn't get my mail though.
So first I called ATT and talked to a youngster  there to make sure my old phone was deactivated and the other activated, after reading from his manual he assured me it was ok.  And then because we have an overseas trip coming up I priced minutes for that, he had that info in his manual too.
Then I called my local internet provider to find out why I couldn't access my email from my phone.  I spent 10 minutes going round and round with another young lady who finally said, " You mean you don't want to set up an email account?"  I about crawled through the phone, I just wanted to access my existing account from my new phone.  Oh, well she couldn't help with that, the email, though provided by them, was a 3rd party company, and so not their problem.  I hung up.
I have a plan, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm all through dealing with children this weekend.
But by the way, Apple did call me back today, they had all the notes on my case, and were able to help me access iTunes.


  1. I get Daniel or Eleanor to set up all my technology, not that I have much. I remember having to sort the video recorder out for my mum and dad when I was a child when they were new technology but it's me who's left behind now.

  2. I enjoyed all the laughs you provided with your exploits with 12 year-olds. We went to the Apple Store to buy two new laptops, which we knew exactly what we wanted. We stood around for half an hour while all the 12-year olds ignored us! I was AMAZED that they don't have a window that you can just go up to and buy your product if you know exactly what you want! Why??? So we went home and bought the two laptops on the internet. No 12-year-olds needed.

  3. This is why I do not buy Apple. Expensive and no help.
    But that said, when I change phones I go into the shop and 20 minutes later phone working and photos safe.
    When all fails a real person is better than a phone for me.
    One time I had to get some phone help and I could not understand the person speaking(India). I was nice for the first 25 minutes, asked to be transferred to another, even worst, asked for the superviser, you guessed it.... awful. I called and cancelled my contract right there and then.
    You had a child helping you, I spent hours with people who didn't speak English. Not sure which is worst.

    How is daughter ? Son had some clouds and it was over quick.
    cheers, parsnip

  4. I have three daughters and an amazing son-in-law whose degree is in IT, a very useful man, definataly a keeper.

  5. I am not familiar with Apple, never was. You can imagine my chagrin when my son gave me an Apple tablet. I've had it 2 months and so far I have an email address and I can kind of use the pencil. Oh, I did take some pictures - beyond that, I have no clue what to do with them. I don't understand geek speak or instructions.

  6. Computer/phone problems are the worst. And then you can't even slam the phone on the receiver when you are angry.

  7. You lost me close to the beginning. Good luck.

  8. Such a mess isn't it. And always a new learning curve with a new device. At least Apple kept calling you back trying to help. I'll give them and A for that.

  9. it reminds story of my mother and my son over her new smart phone.. my son sat down to teach her how to operate, but he was not ready give the phone to my mom's hand..

  10. Sounds like a nightmare!! I hope it all gets resolved soon and you are enjoying your new phone. The company I work for has their IT support in India. We US based employees dread having to call them. They truly have to take special classes on how to be kind to women and to be tolerant of those that might not have much computer experience, of which I fit both bills.


  11. What a frustrating palaver for you. I'm not surprised though, gone are the days when everything works as expected. Hope you are soon back on track.

  12. Thank goodness it's not just me has problems with new phones. I think I could have learned to fly faster than understand the new phone I had. Even the shop couldn't help. In the end the 18 year old odd job lad sorted it all out. I got fed up with having unrecognizable passwords. Next phone I have will be an ordinary one.

  13. Oh, dear. It sounds like such a hassle. I had a minor headache last week trying to reduce my phone plan for less data to save money. I got it straightened out, but it took a little while!

  14. Yikes, what an ordeal. I think you were remarkably patient myself. I hope you iron out all the quirks and problems before you leave on your trip.

  15. Oh dear, how frustrating. I always find phone calls to sort out technical problems mind numbing I hope you finally get it all sorted ready for your next trip away from home:)

  16. Hi-ya. I wandered over after reading your cool comment on the "Low Carb Diabetic" blog. It's nice to meet you.

    Very cool that you're in coastal GA. We're in the Atlanta area, but LOVE the coast. I'm glad Irma didn't cause you too much difficulty.

    I feel for you with the cell phone difficulties. I have NO problems with them, because I don't have one. Don't want one, either. In that particular area of my life, ignorance really IS bliss.

    Count me in as your newest groupie. :)

    1. Welcome aboard! The only time I use my cell phone is when we travel and we don that fairly frequently. Otherwise it's turned off living in the bottom of my purse.

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  18. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to technology!
    Patience is a virtue they say ...

    All the best Jan


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