Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why I Hate Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping! If it weren't for the small problem of needing to eat while home I'd refuse to do it . I know I can have pizza or some other fast foods delivered, but I'm serious about my eating so I need real food in the house.
Which brings me back to hating to grocery shop. If I could do it in my sleep, which I've been known to do, it wouldn't be so bad, but where I shop (it shall remain nameless because it's a government entity and might revoke my privileges) they make it difficult for me to shop in a less than wide awake state.
That's because the place is always full of whinny kids
and lovely mommies always saying"That's one ..." or just ignoring them.
They constantly rearrange the shelves so I need to wake up and look for stuff (that's a technical term)
Then there's the fact that our house is built 14 feet off the ground
so dragging bags of groceries up the stairs though great aerobic exercise is about to kill me (I looked into having and elevator put in, but that would have cost about $14,000).
Let's not forget that inorder to do shopping I have to make a list
and I'm such a detail orientated person that's just the way I want to spend my time (NOT!)
And last, but not leastm I always put off going until we're out of everything and I'm starving, so I end up buying everything but the kitchen sink and I just get fatter than ever (that's also a factor in dragging in those bags).
If I were rich I'd have food delivered in small, calorie free amounts, that would unpack themselves neatly into the refrigerator and cupboard. And I could die fat and happy.

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