Friday, May 28, 2010

Down the Garden Path

My garden is looking amazing, though if the 90 degree weather keeps up  it won't for long.  The first of the Gladiolas have bloomed, a soft salmon color.

Day Lilies and regular lilies are also blooming. I have 2 different Day Lilies, an orange and brown type  and a soft  orange orange .  The regular lilies are red.

The Hydrangeas are all turning a lovely blue which means our soil is acid.

The Gerbera Daisies look like sunset, I've never had any this color before.

The Lantana is usually grown as a bush, but I'm growing one of mine as a tree.  Lantana is another of those plants that after I had bought some I discovered that they grow wild here and you just dig them up and move them to your garden.

I lost 2 of my Hibiscus this last winter  but have replaced one of them, they're not particularly cold hardy but nothing else bothers them.

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  1. Beautiful garden and flowers...
    They all look so healthy and happy!



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