Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We flew to Maryland this weekend to spend the holiday with our daughter who we miss so much, wish she lived closer.  But we try to get together as much as we can.  She lives in a small town in Maryland between Baltimore and Annapolis just outside of Washington D.C.
We started the day together at an old 50's style diner called the Honey Bee, great breakfast food!  After that we yakked and napped.

After our nap we were off to Annapolis the capitol of Maryland.  The weather was lovely and we'd asked her if we could do lunch in Annapolis at the Reynold's Inn a lovely old 18th century inn that we always enjoy eating at, and considering how blah most of the meals we've had lately it was definitely a treat with excellent service, lovely setting and heavenly food.  Mac had a Lamb Shank, April Fish and Chips and I had a Ribeye Steak, and we had appetizers that were actually delivered before the meal.  Mac and April shared an order of Mussels done in a citrus sauce that they said was to die for, but I had to take their word for it because I don't eat mussels, even when they're heavenly.
For dessert we all shared a Peach Tart and I'll just say YUM!
After dinner we had to walk or explode, so we walked down to the harbor and through the small streets full of 18th and 19th  century houses covered in flowers, took lots of pictures.
On Sunday we went to the Zoo in D.C., it started warm and ended up hot, hot, hot! We found ourselves moving from mister to mister to cool off and eating vastly over-priced ice creams. Not many animals stirring around, heard one man say that the zoo was probably free because there weren't any animals, though we saw a Panda Bear actually eating and rolling around, and outside we saw an orangutan  bractiating along an aerial way the Zoo had put in for them, it was fascinating.

Returning to her place she took us to an International Grocery Store and we spent nearly an hour finding treats to eat, broad beans from Japan, Morcilla from Spain, Chorizo from the Phillipines, and admiring the display of fresh and live fish for sale.  It reminded us of Harrod's food halls.
Too soon our trip was over and we had to head home, but she's coming down here in July, and more eating will take place because that's what happens when we get together.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. DC is a wonderful place, haven't been to the Zoo but have visited the main sights and some of the Museums - the Air and Space Museum was fabulous.

  2. We usually do the museums when we up so thought we'd do something different, but boy was it hot!


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