Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ginger Lilies

The sweetest smelling flower in my garden is blooming and it's doing it about a month early.  The ginger lilies just smell heavenly, and they have fought off the weeds  in order to do it.  I am absolutely ashamed of how weedy my garden is but it's just too hot to do much about it.  But when it cools down I'll be going through there with a vengeance.  In the mean time I'll just appreciate the flowers that are putting up with the heat and the weeds  and still are blooming.


  1. The lillies look so pretty! I can imagine the smell. Our garden is full of weeds too - just can't seem to keep them at bay this year:)

  2. I'd be happy if it would just stop raining!

  3. That ginger scented lily must glow at night. White flowers have a magic.
    I just found your blog and am enjoying it and look forward to future posts.


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