Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Crabs

We love blue crabs, they're  a lot like the  Dungeness Crabs that we use to eat in California, very sweet and tasty.   Shortly after moving here  we discovered that we could go crabbing just 5 minutes from our house.  So we invested in crab traps, got chicken backs and spent sunny days hauling in crabs to be loaded into our ice chest and taken home for a feast.  Crabbing was fun, it was an absolute thrill to pull the trap up and see what we'd caught.  Sometimes crabs, sometimes shrimp, sometimes a fish or two.  But each time we went we  became more and more reluctant to take the crabs home.
We really love the crabs, they're beautiful, and though they taste delicious we felt we  could no longer cook a live animal.  Too soft hearted for our own good I guess.
 So the last time we went crabbing we released all the crabs we'd caught and watched them "swim" off.   I miss the crab feasts we use to have,  but prefer the idea of them out in the water.
Through the years Mac has done a number of crab paintings, this is one of my favorites and hangs in my "seaside" bathroom.  This bucket painting of mine is in there too.

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