Friday, August 12, 2011

Reasons For Not Blogging

Reason #1:  It's been too hot, 2 days at a 100  this week and the rest of the week so near to 100 that  it doesn't matter.  You sit and melt, brain doesn't function, senior moments become senior days.

Reason #2:  Doctor appointments, one to my retina specialist to see if I'm going blind yet, I'm not,  and one to my dermatologist so she could burn more of my skin away.

Reason #3:  Lazy, I've gotten so lazy this summer it's scary, I need to clean my house, start getting organized for our trip to England,  find the flash memory for my camera, color my hair so I don't look like a little old lady,  and finish at least one of the projects I've been working on.  So far all I've managed is getting a new suitcase and sewing the rest of the buttons onto the little quilt I've been making, but I can't finish it because in one of my other senior moments I used the material I'd bought to back it on another project so I have to order more material.

Reason #4:  More phone calls than I ever want to make again to try and straighten out a prescription.  The Doctor writing the prescription is in Savannah and the place filling the prescription is in Tempe, Arizona and each was convinced that the other was wrong with me caught in the middle and hating my phone more than I usually do.  Then phone calls to my cell phone provider to find out why my phone didn't work in England last year and how I can get it to work this year, that call wasn't too bad.

Reason #5:  I'm turning into my cat and spend way too much time sleeping.

So those are my reasons for not blogging, oh,  and by the way, Mac says that he earned his Redneck Merit Badge this week when he discovered that he could clean the barbeque grill easier with a pine cone than with the brush he had been using.


  1. I feel for you I really do. 100 degrees - that is way too hot, no wonder you're turning into a cat. Glad there is good news about your eyes anyway and intrigued by Mac's pine cone discovery!

  2. I'm not blogging either at the moment but this is because I'm using my time to do lots of other things like get my garden really sorted out and work on the WW1 soldiers book and answer a pile of letters that has been sitting inmy desk for weeks. Once I have everything up to date I'll be back to my blog again. 100F sounds just appalling - so glad we don't get those sort of temps here!

  3. Jumbles and Rowan, thanks for the sympathy, it has been a ghastly summer, on the road to being the hottest summer on record for here. Like to hear more about the book, Mac just finished reading a WWI book, it's a favorite time period for him.


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