Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Side Effects

While watching tv, and forgetting to mute the commercials, I listened to an advertisement for a medication that had the following side effects : nausea, vomiting,  lack of appetite, kidney problems, hair loss, mouth sores, bleeding gums, diarrhea,  tb, higher risk of infection, risk of certain cancers, joint pain, liver problems, high white blood cell count, fatigue, eye problems, and more.
Now what in the world could you have that would be so bad that you'd take a medication with side effects like these.  The medication in this ad  was for rhuematoid   arthritis, a terribly debilitating disease, but would putting yourself at risk of these side effects be worth it?
Since then I've listened to a couple of other medication ads, one for depression and one for frequent urination.  And the side effects were horrendous.  Any time my doctor prescribes something for me I ask about drug interactions and side effects.  A couple of times we compromised because I refused to take a higher dosage of one of my medications.
What do you think, are those kinds of side effects worth the treatment?


  1. Any medication which can make changes to the body has to be considered as having A Primary Effects; it pure (BS) codswallop to describe them as secondary effects. I generally use Homeopathic remedies or Herbs. I visit the medics for broken bones or deep cuts that need sutures.


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