Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mid-Week Report

It's Wednesday and Hurricane Irene has decided to give us a pass, thank you Irene.  In fact it's beginning to look like she'll miss all of the USA, that's good news, no more natural disasters are needed.
Then yesterday was the "great" eastern earthquake, 5.8 on the richter scale and felt from Georgia to Canada.  We didn't feel it but folks in Savannah said they did.  Our daughter said they evacuated her work place and when she got home some things behind glass had fallen down but nothing was broken, she lives and works in Maryland.
Now we're from California and have been through a number of earthquakes including the last big one that hit Los Angeles in the early 90's.  So I can't get too excited about this little one.  Glad it didn't do more damage and that no one was hurt, but it was just a "baby" one.
I've been sewing this week, finally got the back on my little quilt and now need to bind it.
Mac has been painting away.  He finally finished the Hatton Hall painting and has started another one with a bee skep.


  1. I love the texture on the bricks, isn't he clever! Have you ever come to Wi dsor on ne f your UK trips?

  2. Sorry, predictive text took over there, Windsor, on one of your UK trips?

  3. Benta, We have been to Windsor, many years ago when staying in London we took a bus out there and spent the day.


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