Saturday, November 12, 2011

Up in My Lair

I've been busy making Christmas gifts up in my lair, uh sewing room.  I'm not very handy so it all takes longer than it should, but it's so satisfying!  The cat has been of enormous help, rolling on all the fabric, jumping on my lap when I using the sewing machine and carrying off small parts I need.
The new sewing machine has been wonderful, it I 'd had it sooner I'd be through with a lot of my projects already, but I'm cheap, eh thrifty, and tried much longer than I should have to keep the old one going.  So I ended up having to redo many parts of one of the projects.
 Can't show what I'm working on but I'm using these books and some of this material.


  1. You should show us after Christmas then ;)

  2. Whatever you are making it sounds as though you're having fun doing it - the cat seems to be having a good time too:)

  3. Cats take such an interest in sewing or crafting projects--one hates to hurt their feelings by shooing them away.


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