Monday, November 14, 2011

Fussy Feet

The Cheap Shoes

Look At How They're Wearing
For years I've bought cheap inexpensive shoes to walk in, my feet liked them, my bank account liked them, we were all happy.
 We walk as least 2 miles a day so it's important to have shoes my feet are happy with. They have velcro closures which I love, both because I'm lazy and the fact that for years shoe companies were putting in shoe laces so long that even when I double knotted them I was still tripping over them.
The New Shoes
 Unfortunately the last couple of times I bought my walking shoes they lasted barely more than a month, I was wearing the heels out and the tread was disappearing at an alarming rate.  When you wear them out that quickly they're no bargain. Mac was having the same problem with his shoes so we decided we'd have to stop buying the cheap inexpensive shoes and find a better brand.  Looking online I found some we were both happy with, at double the price of the old ones.  They look good, feel fine when I put them on, but when we go out for our walk both of us have our feet barking at us.  It's getting better and in time  my feet will probably  like them as well as the cheap inexpensive shoes.
 Meanwhile, when I'm through with my walk, running in and out of the house, and up and down the stairs I grab my feet's favorites, the leopards.  You can almost hear the sigh of relief.

The Leopards


  1. Those leopards are adorable.

    I wear ballet flats daily and for my run, I have been wearing Nike Air and they suit my feet.
    I still love heels and will wear then for going out.
    I think my dog would steal the leopards, if I had some
    My best
    Helen xx

  2. Those leopards look like real creatures!


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