Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flounder Florentine

 I tried a new recipe this weekend and it looked great, but it tasted just ok.   Part of the problem was that I put the flounder in layers and I should have cooked it as a single layer.  I wasn't real happy with the spinach on the bottom either.  Even though I'd thawed it and drained it, wrung out as much of its liquid as I could,  it was still a bit soggy.
Mac had ordered this dish when we ate out in St. Mary's awhile back and asked me if I could cook it.  So I went online and found a recipe for it.  The ingredients were a bit different but I thought it would work anyway,    The one he had eaten had  used feta cheese,  but the recipe I found  called for parmesan cheese.  Knowing Mac loves cheese, even though I don't, I put a bit of each in.
Mac thought it tasted good, but I'm not much of a fish eater and much fussier about how it should taste.  So the next time I fix this I'll do a single layer of fish, cook the spinach separately and put the fish on it when I serve it and use parmesan only, I'll give Mac a bit of feta on his if he wants. The fish also needed a bit of acidity so I'll add lemon juice and white wine next time .  It's fun to try new recipes, even when they don't turn out perfectly.


  1. I'm fascinated by your lilac flower, which doesn't look at all like what we call lilac here.

    Also by your house, which would cost millions of pounds in Edinburgh. (Though for all I know, it cost you millions of dollars.)

    Laundry room??? How wonderful to have one of those...

  2. Isabelle, it is a strange color, but it smells like a lilac. Thanks for the compliment on the house. We live in the southern United States, a cheap place to live, so trust me, this place didn't cost millions.

  3. You win some and you lose some:) Think we've all had these experiences where something looks better than it tastes. Should be good cooked with wine and lemon juice though.

  4. I like fish--I think I do--don't like a mouthful that turns up bones, but it does seem tricky to cook it nicely. I like a salmon steak baked or grilled with some lemon and rosemary.


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