Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall doesn't come early in the South, and unfortunately it doesn't linger, but as I've grown older  it has become my favorite time of year.  Last Friday night we had a frost and the leaves have finally started changing color and have begun to fall.
Millions of acorns are falling too.  As we make our morning walk you can hear them hitting cars, roofs, driveways and us.  They hit hard and I often wonder if they dent the cars they're hitting.
One of my favorite fall smells is  of wood smoke and burning leaves.
Plants are being moved into the greenhouse, others relocated to free up bed space for more plants,  and bulbs are being dug in.
Mac's turtles are in semi-hibernation in their aquariums now, coming out on warm days for a small bite of food and then reburying themselves.
We've had two days of too warm weather, up in the 80's, but now we're back to the 70's, I could walk forever in weather like this.
Hope you're enjoying fall wherever you are.

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  1. 70 degrees sound good to me! It is autumnal here but temperature was 7.5 C today.


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