Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have always been the world's worst speller.  Oh I got good grades in it at school, I'd memorize the spelling of words long enough to pass the weekly spelling test and then, unless they were words I used all the time, I'd forget how to spell them.  I always said that it was a small mind that could only imagine one spelling for a word.  Thank goodness for   words like grey/gray, centre/center, theater/theatre.
 I've forgotten nearly all the spelling rules I ever knew, like when to double an ending consonant (hint, if there is a vowel next to it you double the  consonant before adding an ending, sometimes), the adage "i before e except after c" and dropping an ending "y" when adding some endings.
Becoming a teacher and having to teach spelling rules helped my spelling some, but it wasn't until Facebook and Blogger that my spelling got better, they point out your misspelled words and make you find the correct spelling.  Twitter is no help at all, it not only doesn't care if you misspell a word, it actively encourages you to do so.
In the course of writing this Blog today I misspelled 3 words, including misspelled, but thanks to Blogger I fixed them, maybe next time I'll remember.  Now if I could get some grammar help.

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  1. I think this might be the first post I've read in praise of the spellchecker. Most people including myself only seem to blog about it when we disagree with it! LOL


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