Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis The Season

I think I'm the Queen of catalogues, they fill my mailbox each day though   I never order from them.  If I find something I like I go online and order it there.  The smart thing , and economical thing,  for them to do then  is to simply send me an e-mail inviting me to their site or sale.   If I'm interested I'll go visit, of course it had better be a user-friendly site, I don't waste my time if the site doesn't operate smoothly and quickly.
Amazon is my ideal.  In fact if I want something and I find it on another site I then go and check to see if Amazon has it and if they do I order from them.  Because I have Amazon Prime which I pay about $79.00 a year and it gives me 2 day delivery on most of the things I buy with free shipping.
But back to the catalogues, some business's have been sending me catalogues for years and I never order from them, how expensive is that?  My mail lady and I laughed about the catalogues one day and she said she got almost as many.  I do which they wouldn't waste the paper though, all of mine just end up in the trash.


  1. I get quite a few at this time of year - usually from charities selling christmas cards and etc. My favourite is from The Cat Gallery in York. I never order anything but get one each year. A couple of years ago I was lucky enought to visit the shop and actually buy something:)

  2. I agree with you about catalogues - Hotter shoes for example always send me TWO, it is such a waste and I didn't even order one - just bought a pair of their shoes once many moons ago.
    Don't be put off getting a border collie, they are the most intelligent breed of dog but they are a one person dog and respond (and need) thorough training in obedience. They learn quickly and love to please - try and see the parents (or mother at least) if you buy a pup and I would recommend getting a pup as they are easier to train.

  3. I get a good many catalogues too, occasionally one interests me but mostly they go straight in the recycling. That L L Bean catalogue made me yearn though - I love their stuff and always try and visit the store in Freeport when I'm in the US but ordering online is too expensive as our Customs & Excise slap huge amounts of duty on clothes from overseas:(


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