Saturday, May 26, 2012

May in Georgia

It's so pretty this time of year in Georgia, before the sun bakes everything to a crisp.  It's been warm, had a bit of rain and everything is growing and blooming.  We had no luck  with Hydrangeas when we first moved here, we planted them, they died, but then a couple of years ago they just took off.  Now whenever Mac wants to start a new one he just snips a stalk off an old one, slips it into some potting soil and voila´, we have a new plant.

My shady side garden is doing well too, I've put Impatiens and Caladiums in to go with my Asparagus ferns.
Side Garden

Around the pool the Gardenias are about finished but the Buddleia are getting started.


Mac's garden has green beans and cucumbers coming up and all around the edge are Chrysanthemums and Snapdragons.

The Confederate Rose, a southern type of Hibiscus, is looking beautiful.

Confederate Rose

The bear on the swing thinks everything looks great, perhaps we should take the boat out and see what's going on in our neighbor's gardens.



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  1. You'll be going into the hot and humid part of a Southern summer soon I take it? Your shade garden will come into its own then:)


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