Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May

Tis' May Day which always reminds of this song from Camelot, my absolute favorite musical play.  Would have loved to have seen the original broadway production with Richard Burton (Lerner/Lowe wrote Arthur's songs for him), Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet.  Did finally get to see a production of if in Chicago with Michael York and loved it.
I see where anarchists, who trashed parts of San Francisco last night,   have decided that May Day belongs to them now, how sad, let's ban them and bring back May Poles.


  1. And May baskets!

    P.S. For a moment I thought your video was a clip from "The Court Jester", another very fine musical. :)

  2. The Labour Party in the UK annexed May Day many years ago and of course May Day is now a Bank Holiday which falls on the first Monday in May. 'They' really don't get it at all! For me it's Beltane and that's that:)
    I'm all for bringing back maypoles and all the other revels but I suspect they are a trifle too earthy for today's society:)

  3. I love that song too, but I didn't see the stage version only the film with Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris. I always hum it to myself on 1st May - I wish we still did all the old things like bringing in boughs of greenery and dancing around the maypole - life has changed so much and sometimes not for the better:)


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