Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me Duelan las Rodillas

Not my knee but it could be
Just practicing my Spanish a little, but the message is my knees hurt.  The Spanish word for knees is rodillas which I frequently confuse with  ardilla which is the Spanish word for squirrel.  Makes for interesting conversations sometimes,  and though my knees can be quite painful, they're not particularly squirrely.
I don't abuse my knees much, took care of them through all the years, but they do have to do their part, you know, bend, move, relax.
I'll admit this has been a busy week for them, exercising every other day, walking every day, cleaning and waxing floors, dancing, pulling weeds, but they have to quit moaning all the time.  When my muscles complain I can slap on some liniment, but other than wearing a brace when we dance and taking aspirin I don't have much to give my knees.
I saw where morningsminion had taken her aching gardening shoulders to a chiropractor, I wonder if they do knees?
My knees have been weather forecasters for years, I always know when it's going to rain, I've often thought of hiring them out, they ought to do something besides complain all the time.


  1. I'm sorry that your knees are hurting, but I can't help laughing at the idea of you accidentally saying "My squirrels are hurting me." It conjures up all kinds of interesting images.

  2. My husband has always feared having to have his chest opened up...me? my knees!! I can't bear the thought of it and am so careful not to walk too much on concrete or blacktop...mine are popping and at times I think I could collapse for a little bit.
    I'll take the heart surgery if they offer LOL!

  3. Your knees sound a lot like my bad shoulder...

  4. I got bad knees, too. My doctor told me not to do any running (not a problem!) but to spend time swimming and pedaling a stationary bike. That seems to help. My sister has bad knees as well, and she's getting a knee replacement this summer. That's too scary for me. But it makes me think maybe something about bad knees is hereditary.

    Btw, I agree with your policy on tattoos.

  5. My knees have begun to hurt as well. It is most aggravating and they won't bend as they used to. I keep thinking that it's a temporary thing but there's nothing temporary about ageing: it's kind of irreversible.
    Thanks for the Spanish words - but where do they come from? They must be arabic, are they - surely not Latin. In French I am always confusing squirrels with stables.

  6. My knees complain a bit if I spend too much time kneeling down but on the whole they serve me pretty well thank goodness.


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