Friday, May 4, 2012

Walmart, Oh Walmart

Mac and I went to Walmart today and he said that he thought that we didn't weigh enough to shop there, he was worried that the automatic door might not open for us and perhaps we should enter together.  And I said that we each needed a tattoo  in order to blendin.
I hate to make personal comments about people's appearances, and I know that how much you weigh is not always your fault, medications and medical conditions can certainly  be a factor, but if you're like me and carrying more weight than you should,  don't wear tight clothes, don't wear stretch pants, and please, please don't wear a mini skirt.  And if you have to have a tattoo, and I'll never understand why anyone would ever let someone use needles to draw pictures on them, and it's in a place that shouldn't be seen in public, then don't let it be.
I could post a dozen pictures I found online when I typed in "fat people at Walmart", but I won't, I'll just ask you to look one last time in the mirror before you go out the door.


  1. I often wonder whether some really overweight women who dress in really inappropriate clothes for their size ever actually look at themselves in a mirror!

  2. Our local Wal Mart [the only large shopping mecca in our area] seems to draw very overweight people. The views are worse in summer when minimal clothing reveals far more than I like to see.
    I suppose one could ask if only the young and beautiful should have the right to expose so much skin/body--modesty is surely not a popular trait!


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