Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh A Shopping We Will Go....

Like I'd Remember Why
I Tied a String on
My Finger
Or not.  Had a million errands to run, first to bank to break in new debit card, cash a check, deposit a check  and put some stuff in the safe deposit box, then Bass Pro Shop to buy Mac a fly fishing pole, and while at the mall a stop at A.C. Moores and Target, then on to CVS to pick up a prescription, to ACE to fill a propane tank and finally a stop at the grocery store.
Lots to get done, but plenty of time to do it, in theory.
The first break down was that neither of us could remember where the key to the safety deposit box was.  Then I remembered, sort of, and stumbled on to it.  That's the good news, but the bad news is that for everything I remember I'm required to forget something.  And what did I forget you ask?  Well I forgot my wallet, but I didn't discover that until we got to town.  Nor had I remembered to bring the check we were depositing, so the bank part of the trip got pushed off till Friday.  We could still go shopping, but Mac would have to pay for everything and he said he was feeling very cheap and it might not be as much fun. I told him he'd get over it and I wouldn't let him see prices so he did ok and only cringed a bit .
Other than a few words with the miserable old poo who fills the propane tanks at ACE it was not a bad trip.
And of course when we got home we remembered all the things we'd forgotten to buy.  If I were smart I'd start a new list right now, but knowing me I'd just lose it.


  1. Not a great day then:) Still, never mind, now you have another lovely shopping trip to look forward to!

  2. This bears a truly uncanny similarity to my shopping trips! :)


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