Thursday, May 3, 2012

Glad Yesterday is Over

Mud Dauber Who Stung Me Yesterday
After semi-messing up our shopping trip yesterday I was glad to get home and have some lunch.  Mac was already settled on the couch with his plate,  yes that's where we eat, when I came over with my plate.  I sat down on my side and immediately jumped up again.  Something had bit me, stung me or poked me, Mac saw something fly up and that was not good news.
A couple of years ago I'd been stung by a wasp on my neck and had an allergic reaction bad enough that I now have to carry an EPI pen with me at all times.  Mac tracked what he'd seen fly off and it was a mud dauber , considerably different from the wasp that had stung me before.  But we were worried, we didn't know what my reaction would be, but we were  hopeful that I'd wouldn't react too badly and that I wouldn't have to use the pen.
So I stayed as calm as I could and I was ok, I didn't react, the initial sting didn't stay itchy and soon the tiny bit of swelling went down.

Wasp Who Got Me Last Time
Perhaps it was the location of the sting, bottom as opposed to neck, the layers of clothing I was stung through difference in type of wasp or a combination of all three, but I had virtually no reaction.  Needless to say we were relieved, but I'm definitely glad yesterday is over.


  1. It definitely wasn't your day was it? Glad that you are OK and no adverse reaction at any rate.

  2. Those must have been anxious moments deciding whether or not to use the EPI.
    After your muddled morning to sit on a stinger in your own living room was quite an insult.

  3. Oh, he does look a nasy beast to get a bite from! Glad you were ok and didn't have a bad reaction to the bite it must have been a worry for your both:)


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