Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Week After

The week after you get back from a trip is always a bit hectic.  I had about a ton of laundry to do, the kitchen floor looked like the cat had been having martini parties on it so it had to be scrubbed, my knees will tell you all about that,  then we had to grocery shop. Before the shopping though I had my quarterly check-up for my eyes to make sure my glaucoma medication was still  doing its job, it was, and my eyes are doing fine, which does not mean I can see well,  I'm  still as blind as a bat, always have been.
Friday night we went out dancing for the first time in forever and I hurt all over, my right knee,  who is still pouting about the floor scrubbing,  is threatening to leave home and take one of my feet with it.
Yesterday was our housing area's annual yard sale, we didn't take part, but when we did our morning walk I found rugs for sale at a neighbor's house and we bought them, a 5/7 to go under the couch in the family room and 2 runners.  We went back and picked the big rug up in the car, at that point I hadn't bought the runners, but after vacuuming,  steam cleaning and putting the rug under the couch we decided we needed the runners too.
So while walking today we stopped by our neighbors, bought the 2 runners and carried them home.  They are now vacuumed, steamed and waiting to dry.  That might take awhile because the first tropical storm up the season, Alfredo, coming 2 weeks before the season begins, is making everything damp and drying anything difficult.
Earlier this morning I  donned my housemaid's outfit to do a bit of ironing, then there's a roast to go in the oven and that will finish the day.
Well that was the week that was.


  1. Janet:
    I love it--my whole house looks like the cats have partied!
    My knees also are making themselves known--too much weeding! Not sure how my elbows got involved but they've joined the protest.

  2. You've certainly been busy! Hope the knees feel better soon.


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