Monday, May 21, 2012

Now Isn't That Nice!

One of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman, is coming to Savannah to make a movie this summer. I love his voice, he'd sound good reading a telephone book.  Great actor too, steals every scene he's in.
He'll be playing Hilly Kristal the man who opened the legendary nightclub CBGB in New York City.  I'm curious if they'll use any of the clubs downtown for scenes.  They'll start shooting in June.
The movie The Drummer, the story of the Beach Boy's drummer Dennis Wilson was to start shooting this summer on Tybee Island but it has been pushed back till this fall.
Always something going on.


  1. Wonder if you'll see him round? I love his voice, have him reading one of my audio books.

  2. I might have to go to Savannah on the off chance of seeing him!
    You know I love Alan Rickman, I did a post about him on his birthday in February. He is such a great actor, I really like him a lot.
    I knew about this movie, but not that it would be filmed in Savannah, thanks for that info!

  3. He does have a fascinating voice. I'll never forget his portrayal of Colonel Brandon in "S&S" - a character I'd always pictured as rather staid and not very attractive. I remember thinking "Well, if Colonel B. looked and sounded anything like THAT, no wonder Marianne fell for him in the end!"

  4. He's one of my favourite actors,too! I've been lucky enough to see him on stage three times over the years and he is very charismatic and his voice is mesmerising. How wonderful if you were to see him whilst he is filming nearby:)


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