Saturday, August 4, 2012

Too Big!

Our house is too big, it was too big when we bought it and as we've gotten older it feels like it's gotten even bigger.  We've been here 9 years and we both like it better than any house we've ever had, but hauling stuff up the stairs into the house is getting to be a hassle. And keeping it clean is more work than I want.  Each day I pick something to clean, other than the kitchen which gets cleaned every day, and today it was bathrooms----4 of them!  Who needs 4 bathrooms?  Two would be great.
We've talked about how long we can realistically expect to stay here and figure that with luck maybe 3 more years.  We would like to be closer to our daughter in Maryland, but we don't want to be too close to Washington D.C., we would prefer a semi-rural setting.  We'd like a single story house, that's what we were looking for when we bought this one.  I don't actually mind the stairs going upstairs, again, it's those coming into the house that are wearing us out.
So we've started looking at houses online, we're long term planners.  We made several trips down here to Georgia before we moved here and we'll probably make a number of trips to Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware and Maryland before we decide where we want to be.
We've always moved a lot, being in the military saw to that, when Mac was in we lived 3 different places in Germany, Turkey, Colorado, Texas and Georgia twice. Since Mac retired from the Army we've moved 3 times, twice across country. 
If we were to keep this house it would involve adding an elevator or at the very least a Dumb Waiter, I wonder if that would be cheaper than moving.


  1. This is a dilemma, for sure. We like the area of KY we chose for retirement. In theory the smaller house is a good thing--its wondering what to do with the belongings we have still which don't fit in. Finding the right combination of an appealing locale with a suitable house within a given price range is a farily tall order.

  2. I think you do well to move "in time" before it all gets too much for you!

  3. Gorgeous property!
    I love Pine trees.
    I will trade houses with you.
    We have a one story two bath and with three boys? yeah.

  4. We've been in our house for nineteen years now, we were here before we had the kids and as our family grew, we realised that the house was too small so rather than move, we extended. I have awarded you the Sunshine Award, details on my blog. I hope you will accept but won't be offended if you'd rather not, I just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Your house is really lovely but 4 bathrooms does seem a bit excessive for two people:) Fun to look for a new home when there's no pressure, can see lots of interesting trips in your future. I've been off the blogging scene for a while but am slowly getting back to things now. Shall be glad when the Olympics are finished as it seems to have taken over my life!


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