Friday, August 24, 2012

Where I Live, Sort Of

This is my little corner of the world where I spend a bit of my time.  This room is supposed to be a bedroom, it even has an ensuite bathroom and it's set up by the backdoor.  I have no doubt that in the blueprints of this house it was listed as the maid's room-----LOL---well I'm the maid around here so that works for me.
It is the 4th bedroom in this house and seeing as we don't need a 4th bedroom it has become our computer room.  Mac has his desk and computer in the right side corner and I'm on the left.
My desk, though I do try, tends to be a bit of a mess.  This is where I open and sort mail, and just before I took the picture I carried off several books that had come in from Amazon recently, a magazine that came today and some junk for the trash.
I pay bills here, either using snail mail or online.  The little carousel on the left holds pens, markers, scissors, stamps, address stickers and a million little bits of this and that.  Also on the left is the phone and a couple of magnifying glasses because I'm blind or at least people sending me mail are shrinking their printing to save on paper. There's also a digital picture frame that I don't ever remember to turn on.  Up above are various address books and manuals, an English mailbox bank and a picture of Mac and me.
Next to the desk on the left is my printer/scanner, Godzilla guards it against all invaders.
The desk on the right has my computer--my big screen Mac--the router and the modem and some more of my junk stuff.  By the modem are writer's books, dictionaries and a thesaurus.  Up above there's a picture of Mac as a little boy, a fairy on a horse, several bears, including one in shining armor and a Silver Jubilee cup from 1937 for George VI and Mary.
Down below each desk is paper for the printer, envelopes, some albums, boxes of cards (I save every card we get), and just general junk.
On the walls around my desk are paintings that Mac has done for me.
What's in your corner of the world?


  1. I enjoyed the tour of your 'corner'--I would have to tidy up mine before letting it be seen by my little blogging circle. I intend to be more organized, but my enthusiams get in the way producing piles of paper, notebooks full of scribbles [aka 'research'] tipples of books--you name it, its on, under, or around my desk!

  2. What a place to spend lots of time!!

  3. Like the blogger above, I would have to tidy it up before I would tell you!
    Thanks for showing me your corner of the world! Have a good weekend.

  4. Of course you have a Mac computer - it would be all wrong if you didn't. :)

    My "corner" is spread out over bit of the dining table, one of the living room lamp tables, and sometimes my nightstand. Yours looks very tidy by comparison. :)


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