Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things I Should Know and Don't

Among the many things I should know, but don't are where the routing number and account number are on our checks.  Oh I know they're among the numbers at the bottom
 of the check, but I'm never sure which number is which.  So I was making a payment by phone this morning using an automated system, and because I wasn't sure which number was which, I also went online to find a picture that would show me.  I looked at the picture complete with labels,input my numbers and told it to pay.  Then I took a closer look at the picture and my check and realized that my checking account number and my check number were reversed.  ARGGH!  I had to call the company up, admit I was an idiot and work with a human to get it straight.  I need to write this information down and save myself from future embarrassment.


  1. I hate doing anything like this online or via machines. I've learnt to do certain things but after I'm finished I'm never absolutely certain I've done it right.
    Edited to add that this will be my FOURTH attempt at the word verification - does it occur to these idiots that older people might have trouble reading the silly scrawl that they use!!

  2. I have steadfstly refused to do online banking. That said, I do sometimes need to do a wire transfer of funds, or other tasks that involve reeling off that list of numbers at the bottom of the checks. In a way its like word verification--some very odd looking symbols get thrown in with the recognizable numbers.

  3. Checks aren't what they used to be. We rarely write them any more. I was shocked the last time I did (at a grocery store), when they scanned the check and handed it back to me. I need to get out more. :)

    P.S. You can turn your word verification off if you like - I can't remember the steps, but Blogger Help would tell you.

  4. I worked for a bank for the biggest part of my working life so know everything there is to know about cheques. Saying that, new technology is coming in all the time, so I'm never confident when doing my banking now.

  5. Sorry not to have been around blogs in August, I have had a bit of a summer 'break'. Just want to thank you for nominating me for an award, I am off to read about it.
    I adore your header as I have a thing about washing lines and collect photos of them (weird I know!).

  6. I've had similar problems sometimes when I've had to transfer money to someone's private account in another bank than my own


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