Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Not Obsessive!

Ok, so I color coded my closet, and Mac's closet and the two linen closets and I know exactly where everything is in the pantry.  That does not make me obsessive, it just makes me organized.
So when the electricity goes out I know where the flashlight (in the cupboard under the wine table) and the batteries are (in the refrigerator door).
If you need canned mushrooms they're in the back left-hand corner of the eye level shelf.  Tomato sauce and tomato products in front of that. Next to the mushrooms are canned olives, beans of all kinds and then soups.  Coming forward you'll find tuna, chile and beef stock, the chicken stock is next to the beans.   I don't mix can goods with boxes and condiments are on the shelf above.  All organized.
The scissors are in a drawer under the wine table with a bunch of fiddlely little things like rubber bands, paper clips, pens, pencils, screws, nail files, junk.
See, I'm organized, now tell me why I can never find anything!


  1. I have no answer for you. Gremlins?

  2. Ha, my house is a mess but I can find anything!
    Except something important, and that will be the only thing that we would have thrown out!


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