Monday, August 13, 2012

Runs Like a, Well, Not a Deer

It's no John Deere, it's a Murray, it's paint's peeling off and the tires need pumping up, but it's all mine.  I love to mow the lawn.  If we didn't have a riding mower I wouldn't even consider it, but I love powering this one around the yard.  We have almost an acre to mow and it was hot out there today.  The grass and weeds were thicker and taller than I've ever seen them, but it's rained so much and the ground around here is boggy under the best of circumstances so it's been awhile since I have  mowed.
I weeded in the garden while I waited for Mac to go get some gas for the mower and pump up its tire, but I'm too embarrassed to show a picture of my garden, the weeds are higher than the plants.
I use to love summer, still do in ways---love to swim--, but the humidity this year has made it difficult for me to be outside.  We do our morning walk and then I head indoors to find something to do indoors.

But the last few days have been a bit better so I've been trying to bring a little bit of order back to the garden.
Saw a deer in the empty lot next door this weekend and then yesterday he, I think it was a he, was in our backyard, he was eating weeds so we left him alone.  The cat was mesmerized.

Deer Next Door

Deer in Backyard

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  1. We have a lot of houses around us, but we still have woods which means we still have deer!
    I now know that they love to eat leaves off tomato plants. Oh well, the tomatoes weren't doing too well anyway!


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