Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In A Fit of Madness

In a fit of madness I mowed the lawn today, I figured if I could cut the flowering off the rye grass life might be easier for me.  And I think it will be, once I stop sneezing.
Beautiful day today, again in the 80's, much too warm for March, but they've promised us cooler weather for next week.
Sent SPQR back to the library, didn't finish it, read about 100 pages and realized it was telling more about Cicero and Catiline than I ever wanted to know.  There are things I would like to know about Rome, but this wasn't what I had in mind.
We started rewatching a movie we've seen before last night.  It's Gosford Park, directed by Robert Altman and written by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame.  It's so good.  I think this is about the 3rd time we've watched it.
Time for lunch, roast chicken pasta salad.


  1. You know you're stuck mowing it every week, now.

  2. The lawn is still like a quagmire at the back of the house, consequently still too wet to mow.

  3. I hope it helps your allergies. It was a warm day to be pushing a mower. We just read that our February was the warmest on record. I kind of enjoyed it but I hope it doesn't portend more record heat in the summer.

    1. We have a riding mower, much too lazy to push one.

  4. Well done at least its over for a couple of weeks. I might get mine cut at the weekend xx

  5. I wish that I could call it quits on books, well done for letting it go. Hope the pollen is better now. xx

  6. You are getting warm temps! Watching the movie afterwards sounds like a nice relaxing reward for you :)

  7. It might help! Up here a good hard rain usually helps:)

  8. My Hubby has terrible hay fever, too. I hate to watch him suffer. We have a few more weeks before then....I've never seen Gosford Park, but knowing that Julian Fellowes wrote it, I will have to make sure to see it! Hope your sneezing calms down.

  9. Our grass has it's first cut of the year about a month ago, it had grown so long with it being a mild winter.

  10. Oh yes, Gosford Park is wonderful! Julian Fellowes has just had another series out in the UK, called Dr Thorne - set in the Victorian era. I didn't watch it, but it was, apparently, very good, so hopefully you'll get it over on your side of the pond at some point.


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