Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Well that's what they call it, I'm not so sure.  We did our civic duty and voted for anyone who was not Donald Trump.  Then we went for a walk in the sun and fried my little brain.  We voted at the local government offices which sit in our new local park so we decided to do our daily walk there.  We took the route that went around a lake which was full of large mouth bass and turtles.  What it wasn't full of was shade, no trees sat near it and at 12:00 noon it was really hot out there, probably around 78º and in the clear air it felt even warmer.  So at the end of the walk I was red-faced and tired.  Been tired ever since.
Tomorrow we'll do our shady morning walk and then I'll have to read how Donald Trump is going to be the nominee of the Republican party, EW!


  1. Hope your walk today was cooler and more shady than yesterday:)

  2. I'm glad you said you voted for anyone who was not Donald Trump. Well done! I can't believe how anyone in their right mind would want him as their president but there you go.

    Anyway, I hope your next walks will be more pleasant. Have a great day,
    Marianne from
    Let's Read

  3. I voted the same way. None of our neighbor's did though. Trump signs are the only ones on our road.
    That sun is really strong with no leaves on the trees yet, so no shade. Today it's about impossible to stand up against the wind. I had a sweater of The Writer's drying on a hanger on the deck and it flew right up on top of the roof so now I can wash it again. Sheesh!

  4. here in the UK we're watching your voting with interest, baffled by how anyone could consider voting for that man..........


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