Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mid-Week Ramblings

It's Wednesday and it's going to be hot today, not warm, hot.  Our morning walk found the temperatures nearing 70º already.  Hope it doesn't get too much warmer I want to work in the yard today, the house can pass the day by manufacturing more dust for me to deal with.
Laundry is on the line, ran out of line and my poor socks are hanging on the railing of the deck.
Yesterday was taken up with doctor's appointments.  I had to see my optometrist to get new glasses and contact lenses.  My prescription hasn't changed, as I said to the doctor how much more far-sighted can you get, but my glasses are about 5 years old and a bit wonky.  So I picked out new frames,  and paid enough money to support a family in a 3rd world country for a couple of years.  My contacts will come in quickly, my glasses will take a while, I have a really intricate prescription.
While I waited to pick out glasses and have them fitted I watched a young mother struggling with about an 18 month old little boy who wasn't the least bit interested in having glasses and I wondered how she planned to keep them on him.  I've worn glasses since I was about that old and my daughter since she was 3 so I know what an adventure that can be.
I talked about that with the girl fitting me and she said she struggles to get her son to wear his glasses because kids tease him about them.  When I was teaching I had a little boy who I knew wore glasses, but wasn't wearing them to school so I called his mother and she assured me he was leaving home with them.  Turned out he was hiding them in a tree on the way to school and picking them up on the way home.
In addition to my appointment Miss Kitty had a veterinarian appointment because of a lump she had on one of her  back legs.  It didn't bother her, we could squeeze it, but it bothered us.  So while I saw the eye doctor she saw the vet.  Turned out it was just a run of the mill cyst, vet drained it and sent her on her way.  They did say she needs a teeth cleaning, at the price of $200, so that's not going to happen, she'll have to get some tartar reducing dry food.
So that was our day yesterday, today it's weeds.


  1. We need to get into the garden, but it has been rain, rain and more rain here.

  2. Wow, what a price for cleaning a cat's teeth. I'd get out the toothbrush and have a go myself.

  3. I wish I could get my washing on the line, no chance at the moment with all the rain we're getting. I need to get some new glasses, I know I need a stronger prescription, it's just getting round to making an appointment. Awww, bless that little boy hiding his glasses in a tree. It reminds me of when I wore a brace, I too would leave home with it but then I'd take it out and pop it in my school bag as soon as I got round the corner before putting it back in my mouth on the way home from school. How I regret that now, I do wish I had straight teeth, talking of which, I've heard people say how expensive it is to get their cat's and dog's teeth cleaned. Glad to hear that Miss Kitty's lump is just a cyst though, that's good news.

  4. I'm glad Miss Kitty's cyst was nothing more serious. Which glasses did you pick? Those red and white striped ones are rather stunning! Paul went to the press event last week for the Heritage Golf Tournament and came home with a gift of plaid sunglasses. Talk about stunning!

    1. Well you know, everything's coming up plaid.

  5. Quite a day for the medical matters! I am glad that both you and Miss Kitty are OK. Hope your new glasses come soon, they are so expensive aren't they! Enjoy the warm - hot! - weather, I wish that we had some of that!! xx

  6. Always amazes me how much vet's charge for a teeth cleaning for animals. Hope your new glasses last as long as the old ones. We just got back from Northern Mississippi and the weather was fabulous.

  7. Wonderful weather here, for March. Fifties, sixties. I can just breathe it all day.

  8. Our weather has been cool then hot what a mess.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. You can get tools to clean their teeth yourself, that would be an adventure! Glasses and getting new ones can be a real adventure too:)

  10. I think all vets try the teeth trick. They clearly need more money! My middle son needed glasses when he was three. I remember when he first put them on. He took one look at me and had the shock of his life poor child. He is so short sighted that he has always kept them on! B x

  11. Me and the Mr. just went in for our eye exam and new glasses, too! Things were getting a bit blurry.....Funny story about the little one hiding his glasses in a tree. It's sad that children have to tease over things like that. I suppose we all get teased over something.....Vet fees are so expensive these days. Isn't everything? My Mom used to say 'It's highway robbery!' Funny, those old sayings.......Take care xo Karen


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