Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Down Side of Sunshine

Are we having fun yet?
Woke up this morning to a beautiful day, the sun was shinning, the sky was blue, birds were singing and every bit of dust and debris in my house was dancing in the sunshine.  UGH!  Had to dust the blinds, clean window sills, sweep floors, dust everything, vacuum, sweep behind the couch after dusting the blinds.  What a terrible way to start the day.  My back says I should have left the blinds closed.
Just finished reading a rather sad, bittersweet book that  Marianne of Let's Read recommended, My Wish List by GrĂ©goire Delacourt a French writer.  It's the story of Jocelyn and Jo who live in the French town of Arras; a quiet life, their 2 children are grown, he works in a factory and she runs a fabric store.  Then Jocelyn wins the French lottery, €18,000,000 and it scares her, she hides the check while she thinks about what she should do.  She makes lists, she worries and her worst worries come true.  A bittersweet story, not very long, 163 pages long.  It makes you think about what is really important in life.
Back's feeling better and I have one more room to vacuum.  No rest for the wicked.


  1. hahahahahaha DUST is everywhere.
    Tucson is very dusty one learns to live with it.
    I don't have a lot of stuff laying around to clean. My floor is light, the two dark pieces of furniture are super easy to whip down. Two small rugs to vacuum. Easy Peasy ! Still do not like to clean though.
    I would rather like to like with dust that mold.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I hate cleaning blinds - so I don't very often.

  3. I know the feeling, I love the look of my blinds but I do not enjoy cleaning them one bit.

    Thanks for mentioning the book, sounds interesting, if sad.

  4. I knew as soon as I saw your title what you were talking about. :) The morning sun shines in my kitchen window and hits my black stove. I try to not look until the sun moves! And we breath in all those particles dancing around!

  5. I know exactly what you mean, since I live in such a sunny place. I notice every spot on every window and it drives me crazy. It's especially bad because it seems like the next day after I go and clean every window on the outside with a squeegee, then we have a dust storm and the windows are filthy again! Can't win. :)

  6. I told the therapist, one of my goals of PT is to push things. Think vacuum cleaner. Actually, I want my back strong enough to vacuum so that I can not vacuum, but walk around town for an hour.

  7. I thought I recognised that book but not the title, it's actually published under the title The List of My Desires over here:-

  8. Rats about the sunshine on the blinds. Hope your back is feeling better now.

    My first time visit ... I really love the painting on your blog header. Quite stunning.

    Wishing you a happy day.


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