Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Florida

We did go to the beach while in Florida, but not to lay on the beach.  My dermatologist assures me that those days are over and after seeing the folks who looked like very badly tanned leather I have to agree.  Note  to folks of a certain age, mine, and weight, mine, please put some clothes on.
Anyway we did go to Jetty Park so Mac could fish, beautiful park, nice beach and nice pier to fish from.

Very pretty, but tiny.

Lots of pelicans

More than a few sea turtles

Snowy egrets in the picnic area

The regular beach was just a 100 yards from our hotel, people were surf casting and the big blue herons were there to help out.

Coming back from the Space Center we stopped for Mac to fish along the Banana River, he caught a good-sized catfish.

We enjoyed the trip, Canaveral/Cocoa Beach is only about 4 1/2 hours from here, but as I say every time we go to Florida, there are just too many people there, could not live there, it would drive me crazy.


  1. Although I love the sun and the beach I am not one for sunbathing and just lying around. Give me a good book or a craft project and some shade any day.

  2. It looks fabulous. I've never been able to sit in the sun without burning but the heat affects me more as I get older, I'd rather be in the shade.

  3. It looks relaxing and fun to see all the wildlife, especially the sea turtle. I do agree about the too many people part though. We get really spoiled out here in the country.

  4. We lived there back in the 1970's and there were too many people there back then:)

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I scrolled down to see Cape Canaveral - so exciting! I had to laugh about your comment, 'Please put some clothes on'. Too funny! My FIL lived in Florida and we visited a few times. It's beautiful, but yes, lots of people. I like wide open spaces.... Thanks for taking us along! x Karen

  6. Looks a lovely beach. Like you I cover up now and have to wear a hat in the bright sun or I get ill so easily. I still love the beach but walking along it and sitting in shade are better nowadays. Love the blue heron and Mac with his fish:)

  7. Turtles and pelicans! Much nicer than crowds of people. I can't abide large crowds either, it's ok once in a while but I heave a sigh of relief when I get to the peace of the countryside!

  8. Yes, my days of baking in the sun for hours are over too. I wish more folks would put some clothes on too, and not just to keep from burning.


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