Thursday, April 28, 2011

When North Meets South

The jet stream has dropped very low out of Canada this Spring allowing cold air to come down towards  the southern United States.  And of course we've been having a very warm (80's and some 90's) Spring, so when the two weathers systems meet you get the horrifying weather that has been happening over the last couple of weeks here, and in particular last night.  My heart goes out to the people affected by the storms, it's hard to watch the tv news with the pictures of devastation.  I know that we need to get our emergency supplies together and hope we haven't put it off too long.
We're under a tornado watch here till 4 pm and there has been light rain and thunder most of the afternoon.
I'll be glad when the weather settles down.  I'm not scared, but I'm not comfortable either.

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  1. I wish you a safe night. Hope you are all ok.


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