Friday, December 27, 2013

A Wonderful Christmas

How could it not be, our daughter was here and we spent great days talking, laughing, cooking, watching movies, I'm exhausted.  She left yesterday and is back at work today, these airport goodbyes are horrible!
Like the good Spanish (well, at least they are) we ate and ate and ate.  Traditionally on Christmas Eve we have fresh shrimp (we're so lucky to live in Georgia where fresh, local shrimp are abundant and very reasonable) along with plates of olives and cheese (Mancego from Spain and Monterrey Jack from California).
Christmas Eve
Christmas morning it was coffee and cookies as we opened  our presents.  I GOT A CANNON, ONE THAT WILL FIRE, I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A CANNON!!!!!  I'll tell you more about it and another rather interesting present tomorrow.
April Made Green Tea Cream Puffs
Christmas Day
For dinner we had leg of lamb, loads of roasted veggies, grilled brussel  sprouts, deviled eggs  and cranberry sauce.  Dessert was pumpkin pie.  There was champagne to toast with.
The time flew, it will be months before we get to see her again, thank goodness for the internet!
Hope your Christmas was special too.


  1. It appears that you ate well! Could you share the recipe for green tea cream puffs?

  2. What a lovely plate of shrimp for Christmas eve sounds like a good time was had!

  3. How great that you got to spend such quality time with your daughter. The dinner looks fabulous, and I would love to try one of those green tea puffs.

    The leg of lamb...yummm!


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